Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Summer Garden

Ahhhh, summer has arrived. It's hot outside! How lovely! Until about 11:30, then it's just hot. After one day of real heat (it was 33.9 C/93F) today, we have caved. We will be shopping for an air conditioner tomorrow. It was at one point this after 95.7 inside. We are quite comfy with 85, but 95 is a bit more summer than we are prepared to cope with.

It probably wouldn't have gotten so warm inside but James came to warn us that he was spraying the trees to try and stave off an aphid infestation. We closed the trailer, packed a squealing, fighting Salvador into the truck and headed for the park by the river. Salvador moaned and squalled the entire five minute trip, and was scarely better once we were spread a quilt on the grass and settled in the shade. He panted and complained the entire time, as if being tortured.

After an hour we came home, and opened everything up, but by the the trailer was a little oven. It was too hot to cook and too hot even to be hungry. Tony had a slice of bread. I had a glass of soy milk. If it continues maybe we'll lose weight!

We ate our dinner at the picnic table last night, while Salvador lay in the grass enjoying the kind of bliss you rarely see other than in animals and small children. He took a real shine to the last folks parked in the spot beside us. If they weren't outside he would go to their door, knock with his paw and demand entrance!

He enjoyed a nap in their closet, and when he was ready to come home they carried him back as if he were King. Which he is of course.

He was confused when his friends moved on after a month and a new camper pulled in. He wanted to go visit them too, but they weren't cat people. No invitations to sleep in their closet, or even on their bike rack.

I went around day before yesterday and took flower pictures, which you may have noticed I am sharing with you. The poppies are about three feet tall and so brilliantly red that I think the pixels frizzled. The petunias are in my planters, the peonies are in a flower bed up front. There are lots more, but only so many per post.

Enjoy your walk through our flower garden!


SMM said...

Lovely photo flowers.

Tell The Cat it is pleasant on the Island and we are cat people.

Of course before he packs his tell him that there are 3 Queens living here.

Deb said...

Kings do have Queens, but I doubt he'd be one to share his kingdom. He is after all, the Feline Overlord. Girl kitties share, boy kitties entertain no such ambitions when it comes to territory. Their credo is, "Gimmeh!"