Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Empty Nest

I took Zak to the bus station at 6:50 am yesterday. Main Street was quiet, the air was blue with smoke from a forest fire down south, it all looked sort of nostalgic and dreamy. 

It was hard to say goodbye to him and our little nest seems empty without our two big boys to fill it up with laughter and their own special brand of masculine sweetness. 

We haven't seen enough of Zak and Mandy since they moved to Vancouver, and we miss our frequent visits with Ian, so our time together was a real pleasure. 

I had a nice post all written but pleh! It won't work. I always compose posts in Text Edit and move them over once I'm finished, since I work back and forth keeping up with other things. This time when I went to move my post it won't load in the Blogger text box, it jumps down and loads on the page below, and when saved it ends up one letter wide and 40 pages long. Who in their right mind would read a 40-page blog post, even mine

I was in a much better frame of mind when I wrote the post in Text Edit. This one is sort of a grumpy post; partially because Blogger is acting all weird and I don't have the patience to fiddle with it;  partially because I hurt stem to stern and partially because I am not a monkey. (Some may disagree but more on that later.)

I will add two pictures I wanted to share, one of my flower boxes and the other of the still-green but promising apricots on the old tree in the common. 

I was a little piqued the other day when I came home from town to find that some park "guests" had pulled some of the flowers in our site.

They'd also been over to the old apricot tree and helped themselves. The 'cots could certainly use a good thinning, but instead of picking individual fruits the "pickers" broke branches off the tree, then stripped the fruit off of them. It's an old tree, and already fragile. Breaking branches off of it to pick green apricots is kind of like hacking grandma's fingers off so it's easier to trim her nails. 

Most people who come through here are lovely. Courteous to a fault and so very pleasant. Many people use the back edge of our site as a path to the back of the park, which we don't mind, as long as they don't knock over or appropriate our lawn furniture. 

But you get the occasional person/group who tramps right across our site, brings their dog to poop in our yard and (honest to goodness) walks right up to our windows and peers in at us as if we were monkeys on display at the zoo! We now keep the back window blinds closed, but people walk around the end of the trailer, shade their eyes, lean into the window and squint in like they lost a nickel last week and suspect it rolled under my bed! You'd think people would have enough manners not to walk up and press their noses to your bedroom window! 

I'm trying to think of an appropriate response, and if you have a suggestion which doesn't involve firearms or fire hoses, neither of which I possess, I'd like to hear it.  I've already tried making faces, but that didn't work. They bring the family back for the free entertainment. I also told one couple that they'd have to drive around, the take-out window was closed. It didn't register. So please, nothing subtle. This is not an audience which comprehends subtleties!   


pat said...

Hi Deb, how terribly rude of people to look in your windows. I think you should give them something to look at. Get Tony to write something rude on your butt cheeks and next time a face comes to your window, just moon them. However be careful if it is Dave, he will probably photograph it.

Some people are just so thaoughtless. If I had seen them breaking the tree, I would have given them a few sharp words.

However, you do meet some strange folk. When Dave and I had the R.V. park, we tried putting firepits on the gravel of some sites. Believe it or not, some people moved them into the middle of the grass and just burned big holes in the lawn, then moved the pit to a different spot the next night. We didn't keep firepits for long, which is a pity as many campers like to sit round a fire.

We used to have a sign by the hot tub, saying "no diapered babies" We once found someone had taken a baby in the hot tub without diapers and it had pooped in the water. When I raked daddy over the coals, he told me it was my fault for putting up the notice. He didn't think it meant no babies of diaper age, he thought it meant bring your kids in here to poop! Dave had to empty the tub and it took three days before he could get rid of the traces of feces and get the health inspector to approve it.

If you need any help with the mooning, give me a call and I will add my butt to yours. Together we can make a BIG impact!!!

Susan said...

Our dollar stor sells tiny little wire fence sections. For about 10 bucks you could make a discrete boundary! Either that or they trip over them in the dark. Maybe not a good idea as it more likely would be you who trips up!