Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Toronto's Smallest House For Sale

Just to prove that I am not the only crazy person in the world.

Exhibit A:

Toronto's smallest house. Just under 300 square feet on a lot 7.25 feet (2.2 metres) wide and 113.67 feet (34.6 metres) long. Asking price $179,000. Here's the front of the house, neatly sandwiched between two large homes. It's been completely redone inside, which must have taken about three days. Like the hardwood floors. Easy to keep and oh so classy, but the decor is totally bland. I guess that's a good thing, as the new owner can do what they like. Some colour and pattern would liven things up a bit.

Here are two views of the Living room. The first is taken standing in the kitchen door looking towards the front of the house.

And from the front door, the living room looking towards the back of the house.

It's not apparent on these photos but there is a skylight running almost the entire width of the building on the right side. This makes the interior very bright and cheerful. One would hope it is not overlooked by the neighbour's windows.

Into the kitchen. There's a full-sized apt stove, and what appears to be a single sink. The camera angle must hide the refrigerator. Hopefully it is not just a bar fridge. A bar fridge would be fine for one person, for fruit and yogurt. Or it would be okay for the European style shopper, who makes a daily trek to the grocer's. There are two of us and I have to shop every third or fourth day, because our bar fridge is a bit shy on freezer space. (A bag of vegetables fills it.)

Note the washer and dryer - there's a practical streak lying deep within the designer of this dollhouse. A washer/dryer combo would have taken half the room and left the upper space for storage. You have to keep the soap somewhere!

The bedroom, with a murphy bed which folds out of the way when not in use. Best be very organized and the kind of person who can live out of a suitcase and eats 75% of your meals out.

Actually the floor space could probably have been better utilized, as I'll bet we have more storage in our 157 sq ft travel trailer and the new trailer (at about 250 sq ft) has five times the apparent storage in this wee house, plus a queen-sized bed which doesn't have to be hauled up and down every night.

And to complete the package, a small patio area out back where one can presumably house a guest in a pup tent.

It may be small but it proves that small isn't necessarily squalid. It's snug and very cute, though I think it would prove a challenge to live in for anyone other than a Zen monk. Believe it or not, this is too small for me, not because of the size, but because of the design.

And for those who are wondering, the new trailer's arrival is delayed by a day, so assuming we aren't completely buried in the white stuff which is falling from the sky, we should have good (or bad) news for our readers tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

hi Deb, it would not take too long to clean a house like that, just as well there are hard wood floor as there is certainly no room for frivolities, like a vaccuum cleaner. You just wear dusters on your slippers and glide across the floor every day. Or, you could have a cat to roll up the dust, not a big guy like yours tho'!

No sign of a bathroom, maybe a bucket on the patio???

Not the kind of a home that Mr. Outhouse Capital and I could live in, we are both hoarders and we would have to hjold in our stomachs to pass in the living room!

Hope the new tin palace is wonderful and suits your needs.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a pencil!