Friday, March 21, 2008

Grateful is Not a Strong Enough Word!

We have made some wonderful friends while we've been here. And in the last month they have jumped in and spent an amazing amount of time and energy helping us get TP II ready to live in, and things moved.

I am past being tired. Tired was a week ago. And there is so much to do still. But things are progressing well.

We realized today that we need to move two days earlier than we had planned, which gives us two days less working time. Gary has installed the washer/drier and in working on plumbing the new sink in the bathroom. He worked on it a couple of hours yesterday.

This morning when I went over I could smell propane as I approached the trailer, and inside the smell was very strong. I opened the vents and the doors, and let it air out. It was so strong it made me feel sick, so I came home while it cleared out. Don't know what's going on there. We tested the furnace a couple of days before and it worked perfectly. No propane smell at all. So that has to be looked at.

My lovely neighbour Florence carried basket after basket of stuff over to TP II today. I used two large laundry baskets. I would pack one, she'd carry it over, I'd pack the second, she'd carry it over. Then I'd go over and put away what she'd carried. Once I was done I'd take the empty baskets home and fill them again, and she'd carry them over. I was able to accomplish three times as much as I could have done alone.

And, late in the afternoon, when I had packed as much as I felt I could for the moment, Flo's husband Jim came over and helped Tony and I cut and put up some paneling, replaced the door jambs which had been removed and then installed the new folding door between the bathroom and bedroom. That was a big job and I am very happy to have it done!

Jim and Flo have already spent hours helping, as have friends Pat and Claude. I don't know what we would have done without them!

On the whole I am very pleased. I have put away about 80% of what we need to get into the trailer and as of yet the closet and bathroom drawers have nothing in them, since Gary is working in there. The cupboards in the bedroom are also empty as of yet. The one banquette is still almost empty, and I have lots of cupboard space left in the kitchen. If I'm not careful we're going to have a place for everything!


Anonymous said...

Glad you have had some great help and support in this TP transfer process.

Don't forget to email me your new mailing address so I know where to send in the housewarming chocolate.

Mandy said...

Starting to catch up again after a long break from blog-reading... I can't tell you how glad I am to read about all the help you have out there. I feel ridiculous for how much I had worried when you and Tony moved to Oliver... clearly it was the best decision ever. I miss you guys very much, I hope we can come and see you soon.