Friday, October 10, 2008

When I Leave This World Behind

I recently bought a CD which included Irving Berlin's 1915 song, When I Leave the World Behind. Because I wanted to share this lovely old song and its sentiment with my faithful readers I looked it up on Youtube and found a version by a men's choral group. Bonus! I love choral music, so it couldn't get much better than that.

1st verse:]
I know a millionaire
Who's burdened down with care
A load is on his mind
He's thinking of the day
When he must pass away
And leave his wealth behind
I haven't any gold
To leave when I grow old
Somehow it passed me by
I'm very poor but still
I'll leave a precious will
When I must say good-bye

I'll leave the sunshine to the flowers
I'll leave the springtime to the trees

And to the old folks, I'll leave the mem'ries
Of a baby upon their knees

I'll leave the night time to the dreamers
I'll leave the songbirds to the blind

I'll leave the moon above
To those in love
When I leave the world behind


Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Hello, how was your first summer up there? James and Cathy have bought the house next to us across the dog walk, the kids will have much more room to run around.
I read about your surgery that never happened, pat has also just had surgery and now can only lift a coffee cup for the next few weeks.
I still didnt get up to see you guys but will try before winter.

Susan said...

WOnderful! I really enjoy choral groups. I have never heard this song tho.
We are having a wonderful sunny fall for the most part.

Anonymous said...

Could you please tell me which CD you bought because we want to play this song at my partners uncles funeral and cant seem to find it anywhere! Please help!
Thanks, Coolcat24

Deb said...

The CD is called: Your Favorite Scottish Songs

You can order it there. The version on the CD is much much nicer than the choral version on my blog. It is one of my favorite songs and done beautifully by someone called "Big George".


gurnygob said...

I don't really like this version of the song. My father-in-law sang 'when I leave the world behind' at a party for his birthday. He was dying with cancer at the time and died a few weeks later. I get goose-bumps and teary every time I here someone singing it. It reminds me of him.

Deb said...

Hi "Gurney",

I agree. This choral version isn't nearly as good as the one I have on my "Scottish Songs" album. Most versions are way too sentimental, when it's actually a song about having come to terms with life and death and therefore somewhat "muscular" in philosophy. This is just the best of the lot on YouTube. The others drip syrup, this one just has syrup on top. LOL