Wednesday, February 17, 2010

That Kind of Day

Mr. Blue is the neighbour's cat. He's still a kitten really, only about nine months old, but he's allowed to run loose because he is number one top mouser of all times. He has cleaned up the mouse problem which developed after Elvis and Priscilla, the park's previous mousers, moved away. He's a pretty cat, grey blue, nice dense coat, and as agile as any monkey. He's also smart, as he's learned to ring a set of chimes hanging by the door when he wants to come inside.

He and Sal play through the netting around the deck. When Sal is outside Blue stays well out of reach, since he is about five pounds of kitty and he obviously recognizes a potential danger when he sees one. I don't know that Sal would hurt Blue, but I am not eager to find out. Vet's bills are expensive.

Blue teases Sal mercilessly from the freedom side of the net. They dash back and forth the length of the deck, shadow box, and chatter to each other but recently Blue has taken to climbing on top of the clear deck roof and walking back and forth overhead, just to get on Sal's wick.

Sal will ignore him for just so long, then he watches intently for a while and finally he will scramble up his scratching post, stand on his back feet and pull on the netting, trying to get loose.

The pole climbing and net-testing were already over before I got to my camera this morning, but they went back to Cat and Cat, allowing me to get these pics. Not a great picture of Blue since I was shooting into the sun.

All this entertainment in exchange for a few cans of Fancy Feast!

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newwaytowrite said...

Cats. Every so often Chanter gets it in her head to play tough cat against ODCBC. So tough, ODCBC roaming about her exterior estate...Chanter behind the safety of the windows. Silly wonky booger cats.
The best part is ODCBC pays Chanter no mind.