Thursday, April 22, 2010

Defining Bliss

Sun, warmth, a light breeze and blossoms everywhere! I look out through the transparent deck roof to watch the flower-laden branches of the mock cherry tree toss in the wind.

Out in the greenhouse I was delighted to see numerous wee tomato plants had emerged this morning. They were planted only five days ago; these guys can't wait to get growing!

Generous friends have contributed a few new plants for my garden. Cat brought a lovely bleeding heart and a package of blue flax seeds. Ruth brought several red begonias to plant in the shady area of the garden. The two hosta plants are sending up thick spears which will soon unfurl into huge heavily ribbed leaves.

And inside, the platform for the desk is built, and the desk is on it. Moving the desk from a diagonal placement to sitting against the wall makes a huge difference. There's also a space underneath the platform which will serve as useful storage. We still need to finish the platform, i.e. cover the surface of it with flooring, and put paneling on the end, so we don't see the raw wood structure.

And, on the fourth try we finally got that dad-blamed TV bracket installed in the corner, so the TV sits diagonally above the left end of the desk. Little by little it's beginning to look more like home. When the renovation is finished I'll do a video tour.

I'm hoping to spend the next few days out in the garden, readying the raised beds and containers, planting cool weather crops and generally soaking up the dirt.

And that in only a page or two, defines bliss.

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Anonymous said...

good going with the tv bracket
look forward to your reno reveal