Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Birds on the Life List!

Okay, this might not be all that exciting to you, but this week two birds I'd never seen before landed in my garden.

The first was a male blackpoll warbler. He came and sat on the clear roof of the deck, giving me a close look at his delightful little self. The blackpoll winters in South America migrating north to Northern Canada or Alaska. It migrates farthest of all warblers.

We have several different warblers. They are tiny birds, very active. They remind me of bees as they flit around in the trees.

The other one I saw was a magnificent big boy. We'd been hearing him all day, without recognizing the bird, but I was delighted when I saw him. Larger by third than our Brewer's blackbirds, I had seen the Yellow Headed Blackbird in books, but never in the feather. He sat quite happily eating the seeds I put out for a good five minutes while we had a good long look at him.

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Susan in TX ~ Patchkat said...

We had yellow headed blackbirds come through here about 2 weeks ago...landed in the fields, ate, roosted in the trees, ate again next morning and left. Guess they were headed to you. We've never seen them here before! Someone thought they might've been pushed out of their normal flight plan by the storms we've had. Interesting to see they made it to your end of the World!