Monday, August 30, 2010

A Cat Flap

One of my few faithful readers remarked that I don't post very often any more, and it's true. After four years I have posted about everything I have to say about day-to-day life in a travel trailer, and I am about to change gears. Oh, I'm sure the odd day will hold a bit of trailer life excitement; yesterday we began the somewhat arduous task of installing a cat flap for the four-footer that rules our lives. This was no picnic and we only got half way done. I feel like someone took a cudgel to me this morning. In a few days we hope to proceed with the second half of the project and then I'll have something to report.

It's a small flap rated for a 1-12 pound cat. If I reverse the 2 and 1 I get the number our boy weighs, i.e. 21 lbs. He is a bit of a chunk. But we confirmed that, while the flap is a snug fit, he can scrunch himself through this itty-bitty flap pretty easily. I made him slide through it several times just to make sure. I would have been gutted if I'd done all this work and he wasn't able to stuff himself through the flap.

We now have an opening framed in which is only slightly larger than the cat flap will be when it's installed. He grumbled a bit last night when we refused to open the big door for him (it was really cool and breezy outside). He finally started going in and out of the opening for the flap, but not without telling us how he felt about it, which was not very impressed.

It will probably be easier for him once the actual cat flap is installed in the opening, since it has smooth sides, and right now he's climbing through a tunnel of pink foam and coroplast, which pulls his hair. (He says to tell my readers that we try his patience at times.)

And here I started saying I had nothing to say, and now I've said it and will get up and turn the potato pancakes I'm making for brunch.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could shift you focus your content to cat stories full of woe moments inflict upon tar Red Chief?

Anonymous said...

That first comment does reveal one fact.

I need to keep working on using the small type pad surface that is at my disposal on my iPad.

Deb said...

I thought you had momentarily lost your grip on the Queen's English, and perhaps your own as well. But I was thinking about it. "...full of woe moments inflict upon tar Red Chief" seems poetic enough to be written in the Gaelic, but I still haven't a clue what it means.

Red Chief is inflicting himself and his scimitars of death mainly on me, not the other way round. Woe indeed.

Anonymous said...

My ancestors would be so pleased I learned something of my Irish culture