Wednesday, February 13, 2013

If Doubt There Was…

There is none now. Sal2 is Smokey's baby and the laid-back, social, mild-mannered fuzzball that is Smokey can (and will) turn into a tiger if his baby needs defending.

Monday afternoon our neighbour Gail dropped by to meet the new kitten. She brought her toy poodle, Midnight, with her. Midnight and Smokey have always been good friends. Smokey has always been overjoyed when Midnight arrived for a play session.

This time he greeted Midnight happily as usual, but Sal2 had never seen a dog before and when he saw Midnight he did not like what he saw, or smelled, and he most certainly did not want the rude creature sniffing his very private parts! He hissed at the poodle.

Smokey was down the hall, sniffing a bag Gail had brought in with her. When Sal2 hissed Smokey puffed up his very long coat and tail and shot down the hall into the kitchen throwing himself between Midnight and the kitten. He looked like a basketball made of fur.

Sal2 was standing at my feet, and recognizing trouble when I see it , I reached down and scooped him up. The kitten was surprised and squeaked, Midnight jumped up and Smokey went for Midnight. However by the time contact was made Midnight had moved and instead of getting Midnight Smokey bit me.

He sank his teeth into the front part of my ankle. He let go as quickly as he realized he had the wrong party, and he retreated to his cat tree. Gail didn't know what to do, but Smokey was still eyeing Midnight with murder in his heart so we asked her to pick Midnight up and go as quickly as possible.

I cleaned the wound and consulted Health Link, who made an immediate appointment with Urgent Care. I saw the doctor within the hour and was prescribed antibiotics. Yesterday I had to go have a tetanus shot, as I haven't had one in ages.

So, I am healing. Smokey is the new "hero" of the household for defending his baby, and life goes on, one small household drama after the next.

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