Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Seven Days to Christmas

Not My Tree
And you should see my decorations. I plugged in the red and white "grape and vine" LED lights that I zip-tied to the balcony railing oh… 18 months ago.

Because the ADHD kitten is aka "Hobbes the Ripper" there is no tree this year. I bought a plastic peel-off the backing stick-on tree, about three feet tall, with stick-on ornaments. I planned to put it on the glass patio door. This plan changed when, as soon as I stuck the tree to the glass Hobbes reached out and began scratching a hole in the tree and peeled an ornament off. Okay, scooch the cat tree back from the window a couple of feet so the little monster can't reach the glass. 

He then jumped down, stood on the floor, stretched his long self up the glass of the patio door and started scratching at the base of the tree. I sighed, peeled the tree off and repositioned it above his reach. Hooray! Decor complete.

Christmas shopping? None probably except for food. We are so content with what we have, we can't think of anything we want or need. The things I love about Christmas are the music and spending time with my family. Our older son will come and we will cook dinner together. 

So, aside from cooking Christmas dinner and sending my e-cards my Christmas preparations are done and dusted.  No stress at all.


SMM said...

oh...we put up the tree and stockings today. Already several ornaments have been removed and two stockings took a ride up the stairs.

kittens...crazy fools...

Anonymous said...

2 ornaments on the floor last night...someone tee-tee'd on the tree skirt...and I'm ready to throttle this batch of cats.

I have promised myself that next Christmas will be much more laid back. I think we will make donations to the animal shelter in the kid's names and be done with it. They have everything they need and the animals need champions. After all the work to get the gifts finished, it was $50.00 to mail everything...and that's crazy. That's just not what Christmas is about.

Love your Christmas plans. Love to you, Uncle Tony and the boys.