Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Wedding Day

This month's KIVA loan goes to Manushak, who is in her late 40's.  This is the second time we have loaned money to Manushak. She paid the first loan back in full and on time and we are happy to make this second loan for a very special reason.

Manushak is a widow who was left with three children to raise alone. She has no higher education and over the years she has worked very hard to give her children a decent life, doing all kinds of work. She worked in a factory and in a kindergarten. For several years she sold clothing from a booth in the market. Now she has her own small business selling fruit and vegetables at the city wholesale market.

Manushak’s daughter is now married and lives with her husband. Her younger son is a student. Her elder son helps Manushak selling fruits and vegetables in the Kapan market. He also financially supports his mother and younger brother by using his car to provide taxi service.

Manushak is very proud of her son. He has grown up to be a very kind, decent and solicitous person, and he feels a great responsibility for providing his mother with good living conditions. Manushak asked for a loan of of about $1,000 in order to pay for her son’s wedding reception, and to buy gifts for him and his pretty bride. She wants to make their wedding day memorable and wonderful.

We are proud to help this loving mother provide a happy day for her family.

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