Thursday, August 07, 2014

Decluttering and my missing brain cell

Oh, you know me. I got too busy being two cats' mama, and a host of other foolish things and didn't post my day 2 declutter: two pairs of slacks, actually surgical scrubs which are very comfy for gardening but the fabric of these is nothing short of a cat hair magnet. Throw them in the laundry with anything else and they will pull every cat hair from everything else, which is handy I suppose, but it makes them unwearable, unless you live above the Arctic Circle. OUT OUT DAMN SLACKS!

Day 3: 2/3 of a pool noodle, which I will count as an item, whether it's only 2/3rds or not. I use the remaining 1/3 to stretch my back and try to get ribs to pop back into place, but the other 5 feet of it I don't need. The second item is a shirt with a hood I never wear, and the 3rd a T-shirt which must have been a joke in the factory - "Look what we send to the round-eyes!" It is the weirdest fit ever, as it's cut on the bias. Why I've left it in the closet so long I will never ever know and will not argue over.

I have a busy day ahead with a list of a dozen "must-dos" to ready myself for an appointment with the Connective Tissue Clinic, and my brain and mouth are totally unsynchronized. I switched the top cover on our bed for another one. Tony asked what I did with cover number one, so I blithely answered, "I put it in the fridge!" Granted there's room as I desperately need to grocery shop, but I actually meant the closet. Took me three tries to get it right.

Now I have to go make an updated list of the meds I take, what my allergies are, print out information on a brace I want to ask questions about and order some refills from the pharmacy. And while I can write coherently (I think) my speech has taken leave of my senses and is off on a beach somewhere playing in the mud. Trust me to choose a muddy beach!

Oh fiddle! It even smells bad, or that may have been the cat. He looks at me with such love and then emits the most appalling stench.  Arghh.. time to quit.

Have you discarded anything yet? A 20 pound cat may be on my list tomorrow if he doesn't stop doing that.


Linda P. said...

The hardest decluttering I did was to give my beloved, made-especially-for-women TREK mountain bike to a daughter and bring my violin to the violin shop to be sold on consignment. I have held onto both items since 2010, hoping that the medications or the going totally vegan or the something else would bring me back to a state that vaguely resembled the me I used to be before my battle with an auto-immune disease. The decluttering was both physical and mental. I've already long ago moved on--substituting hiking with a cane for mountain biking and plunking around on the piano for playing the violin--but it was time to stop holding onto those items. Financially, selling the violin will help, too.

Deb said...

Oh Linda,

The ability to play the violin must be wonderful, but it's *very* hard physical work. But it seems life strips from us things we would rather hang onto, and we don't have a lot of choice. I hope your violin ends up in loving hands and you end up with some lovely money to compensate you for your loss.

But this lesson in letting go gracefully and without regrets is a painful one. It's not a skill I've mastered yet, though I give a kick at that can as often as I can muster up the courage.