Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Forget the present

We had another sunny, beautiful day, but the wind was so strong the weather-man on our local TV news was advising that people stay indoors because of the risk of being hit by flying debris. There were pictures of 18-wheelers blown off the highway just north of town. 

And as typical when we have a strong Chinook I hardly left my chair all day. It was hard to move and my joints were unstable. Who would think that an ion so small that you can't even see it can inflict so much aggravation? The phone rang about 3:30. It took me so long to stand up and walk the 15 feet to it that whoever it was had hung up by the time I got there. 

I'm a bit cognitively zonked on days like this as well, but apparently not as badly as the weatherman who does the report on my Mac's dashboard weather app. It's now 2:00 am Wednesday, and the weather app is reporting that it's Tuesday, 19 degrees C (66.2 F) and snowing. Okay, maybe that's an April Fool's joke. 

On quite another subject, I've been trying, without success, to buy new clothes for months. I've lost 20 pounds and I look like I'm wearing my big sister's hand-me-downs and everything I own is worn out. I hate shopping for new clothes. I can never find anything that fits and the styles that are popular now do not suit women of a certain age (i.e. mine).  Skinny "boyfriend" jeans are not comfortable. I bought a pair, out of desperation. They fit in the store. I washed them, they didn't fit. I lost 10 more pounds and now they are too big. I only bought them because they were the only pants in the store that weren't low-riders. The T-shirt necklines are all half-way to my belly-button.  

I like soft clothes, no binding and no scratchy stuff. I want comfort, and a little class. And I hate going somewhere and seeing the exact same top I'm wearing on seven other women. So I've decided I'm going to make some clothes. I used to make most of my own clothes. I don't have a sewing machine any more, which is fine, because I prefer to sew by hand. I have to buy two things first, a new pair of scissors, and an ironing board. Maybe some tailors chalk and pins. And fabric. Won't get far without fabric. 

Things you make yourself last longer - I'm still wearing a Japanese hippari jacket I made in 1979, and a wrap I made in 1984. I never wear the wrap without getting a complement on it. I have a wardrobe in mind. I need to make up a few drawings and an acceptable colour/patterns range. That will depend somewhat on what's in the store when I get there. 

Sewing might be a challenge with the red devil cat around. I'll have to lock him up when I'm cutting a garment out. The rustle of a pattern would be too much temptation for him to resist.  But I'm getting a bit excited about it. I've never been a great seamstress, I am a better quilter than dressmaker, but I think I'll enjoy this. 

The wind has dropped, the pain meds have hit. I think I can slide into bed and have a snooze now.  


Florence said...

Congratulations on your weight loss!

You might try online clothes shopping. I hate clothes shopping so much that I buy my clothes mostly online. Casual clothes from LLBean and dressier from Chico's

smm said...

Love that when what you can't connect with something you really need from someone else (clothing manufacturers in this case) you find the very thing something you have the ability to do yourself.
Fashion show to follow?