Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Buy and "Simplify"!

As promised - my design board. The front and back "rooms" are painted in a pale golden-apricot. The mid-section is crisp white. The koi kimono fabric will be used to make shades for the large front and back windows. All the other windows will have curtains made of the sheer crinkly white fabric. The iridescent "bubble" beads will serve as trim for the curtain valances. The sheer blue (LOVE THAT COLOUR!) will be used as a privacy curtain between the kitchen and bedroom. The deep blue chenille will be used to slipcover the banquette-style seating at the front table. The piping is tri-colour blue, goldy-peach and white.

Yesterday we ran and acquired. What is the point of all this movement towards simplicity you ask? Is it to divest ourselves of stuff? Well, I have quickly learned that you must acquire to simplify.

Primer, paint, wallpaper, molding, insulation, cabinet hardware, the list is endless. Our largest purchase yesterday was a new 13" TV to replace our perfectly beautiful, but large, flat-screen TV. The big one, and the armoire it lives in, will go board with our older son should we want them back later. The new microwave is swell. It pops corn in 2:48 rather than the 7:10 our old one took.

Anyway, after a great deal of money and energy had been spent we came home and attacked the trailer with paint, insulation and cabinet molding. I tried taking some pictures this morning, but it's too stacked with rolls and boxes of construction to get any clear shots. Use your 'magination.


Rachael said...

Welcome to blogland! I love what you're doing -- I'll watch with great interest!

Zak Greant said...

"The new microwave is swell. It pops corn in 2:48 rather than the 7:10 our old one took."

Bah! "Modern" technology... who needs this "modern" technology? In my day, microwave ovens took their time hand crafting every little microwave. That was real attention to quality. :)