Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Amazing Two-Legged Man

Tuesday Tony had an appointment with the surgeon who put all the hardware in his leg seven weeks ago. It's about a 45 minute drive to the hospital. We anticipated maybe a half-hour at the hospital, and 45 minutes back. It was not to be. The surgeon had been called to the OR for an emergency, and we had to wait several hours.

But the good news is that Tony's leg is healing well and he was given permission to begin walking with a walking frame. That's welcome news! He's now inching his way from his bunk to the bathroom on his own two feet, plus the granny walker.

He could move faster if Salvador didn't get in the way. Sal's very stubborn and once he's settled it takes a great deal of motivation to make him move. He'd get laid down and not want to move, so Tony started tossing a cat treat (a "cookie") out of the walker's path, and that would get Sal to jump up to get the cookie. Trouble is he quickly figured out that if he gets in the way of the walker he'll get a cookie. So now he throws himself beneath the walker as soon as Tony reaches for it! He certainly has us trained.

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