Friday, August 10, 2007

Red Letter Day

It was a beautiful day. Sunny, cool, breezy, a perfect day. But what made it perfect was that we figured out how to get Tony down the stairs, into the wheelchair and across the lawn to sit in the shade. It was the first time he'd been outside in six weeks, if you don't count being carried from ambulance to bed on a gurney.

I realized that while he'd been as brown as a nut when he had his accident, six weeks of lying inside has left him pale and wan-looking. Poor baby. Hopefully he'll be able to be outside a bit most days now.

I've realized that the park is like an ant hill in the summer. People are in and out constantly. Some stay a single night, others are here for a few days or a week. A site which was filled when we went to bed is empty when we get up, or vice versa.

The peaches in the commons are now ripening. The farm next door is producing beautiful peppers, red, green, yellow and the long very hot banana peppers. They also have okra and squash. I've been busy drying those peaches and nectarines. I'm on my third drier load now, each load holding about five pounds of fruit.

The days are ending with spectacular sunsets. Ahhhhhh..... the days are too short.

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Susan said...

Wonderful to see Tony Up and Out! The fresh air will do him wonders. Nice sunset pic, Dad will tell you those are noctulucent clouds!