Saturday, September 27, 2008

Nourishment and Food Too!

Yesterday was a good day. Tony was feeling quite well and we were delighted when SMM and Sweetie arrived earlier than expected. We had a great visit, which just served to emphasize how much I miss the company of this very good friend.

SMM and Sweetie are dedicated "Foodies" and treated us to dinner at a fantastic restaurant called The Vanilla Pod.. We enjoyed an amazing meal and excellent conversation. The food came in small courses, one at a time, and we lingered over dinner for over two hours. I have never liked mussels, but the mussels we were served, in a coconut sauce, were scrumptious. My favorite though was the sushi "pizza".

I realized today that though I had charged up the camera and had it at the ready, when they arrived I was so wound up I totally forgot to take any pictures. LOL

There's something nourishing about the company of good friends. Yesterday we had a great meal, in addition to the food we ate.

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Anonymous said...

We had the best time. It was beyond fantastic to spend time together. Food and friendship served up perfectly.

I will send you some pictures.

We got home just after midnight, loved up the furheads and went to sleep.

Thanks so much for the wonderful reconnection.