Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Productive Visit

Ian has just spent a week inna Okinoggin, climbing, working long-distance via computer, hanging out with friends and (happy sigh) helping his parents get ready for the winter.

This "getting ready for winter" involved hauling supplies, insulating the water line and digging a trench for it, re-leveling the Beach House (which had decided tilt) and making a good start on putting on the trailer skirting.

Along the way we discovered the biggest orb spider we'd ever seen, whose body was as large as the end of my thumb. Then there was the huge black widow we found in the water connection box. We moved the orb spider to a better location, since she was in the way. The black widow we left to her own devices. She was guarding a brood sack and motherhood is (after all) sacred.

Winterizing will proceed at a slower pace. We have to finish putting on the skirting, we have to insulate the doors - trailer doors are conduits for cold - and we have to put storms on all the windows. Now that will be a job because we have many windows. But little by little it will get done and we should be cozy by freeze-up.

Of course the best part of the visit was just that - visiting. It's so satisfying to see your children grow into well-rounded, highly adept human beings. Our conversations are so comfortable.

Before Ian left this morning I took a picture of my three fellas, Ian, Tony and Salvador. I'll leave you to figure out which is the father, which is the son and which is the Feline Overlord.


Anonymous said...

The Triplets.

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Hello, say hello to Ian for me, I still need to visit you up there, maybe soon.