Friday, March 27, 2009

Bounce Bounce

Maybe not too high, but high enough so that I could crawl off the heating pad and start a bunch of seeds, then go out into the garden and plant those three Japanese Painted Ferns.

In the "seed department" I planted:

  • Nine peat pots of California Wonder (Bell) Peppers
  • 18 pots of yellow pear tomatoes [first six emerged on April 2]
  • 18 pots of "patio" tomatoes.

The yellow pear tomatoes are vines, (indeterminate) but the patio type are a small determinate (non-staking) type which grows very well in a container. I caved and bought pepper seeds because I love peppers, though I have never in my life had any luck trying to grow them. But peppers grow very well here, so perhaps there is a chance I will get a pepper or two.

Of course there's no way I can use all these tomato plants I have planted, but I plan to give many of them away on "Garden Day" the first week of May.

So, even on a "bad" day I managed to get a bit of gardening in. And that turned it into a "good" day.


Anonymous said...

Me liketh the Japanese ferns. Hmmm. Wonder if they like to live on our piece of land?

I would of course get my own as it would be cost prohibitive to drive to your house under the cover of darkness to steal yours.

Deb said...

The Japanese Fern is said to like "dry shade". That fits our little semi-desert strip of gravel to a T. I dug as big a hole as the surroundings roots would permit, in each case the size of a four-litre milk jug, filled it with potting mix and compost mix, soaked it throughly and popped in said ferns. All had three or four "fiddleheads" the size of a lentil on "fronds" as thin as cat's whiskers. One has a single standing frond today, the rest are flopped over in massive snits. I hope they do better than the other "packaged in plastic and peat moss" plants I've bought in the past. But I'd say there'd be no harm in giving a Painted Fern a try, you can always elevate them and add a bit of sand to the soil to make it drain more quickly. :)

Anonymous said...

sandy soil we got lots of. Share we got lots of due to the huge cedars casting shadows about. Perhaps along the tree line in the back.
We too did Earth Hour. Even took out the night lights from the stairwell sockets.

Last year during Earth Hour BC Hydro had a case of down line in our area so we participated like nobody's business.