Monday, March 23, 2009

Seeding Continued:

Though it's only 5 C (41 F) outside, the sun is beaming down with lovely intensity, and the temperature in my little greenhouse, even with the door unzipped halfway, is 28 C (82 F).

It's a perfect day to finish up the leaf raking and bagging, but my common sense says I'd best put off that very physical chore until tomorrow. However, common sense was entirely silent when I asked it, "Can I put in some more seeds?"

So I drug the 72-cell flat from the truck, along with the bag of starter mix, and broke out the seeds. My neighbour shared a sackful of seeds with me a couple of days ago, so I have a humongous selection to choose from.

I looked longingly at the squash, melon and okra seeds but it's still a bit early for those. I'm planting more tomatoes and herbs than I could ever use but in an effort to encourage the permanent and full-time summer residents to grow vegetables I'm putting together a Garden Day in early May. I'll invite all the park's residents to come see how to build a composter from a laundry-basket or plastic tote to compost their kitchen waste, show how to dry food, build a self-watering container like the Earthtainer, and a Japanese tomato ring, make upside-down tomato planters, and do square-foot gardening. By then these little plants will be ready to be planted, and many of them will go home with attendees on Garden Day.

I planted nine cells each of these.

  • Roma tomatoes - pear-shaped, great for drying and sauce
  • Brandywine tomatoes (a heritage variety), wonderful slicer
  • Purple Prince tomatoes (another heritage variety) - this one is new to me, I got it from my neighbour, very dark red.
  • Starfire tomatoes
  • Starfire tomatoes - yes, 18 of these. They have been one of the best producers for me in the past, with a lovely tennis ball-sized tomato with excellent flavour.
  • Red Holland onions (spring onions, not the big keepers).
  • Rosemary - mine in the garden did not survive the winter alas.
  • Thai basil - my favorite basil. I have nine different basil seeds, you'd think I liked it. But it's just that I kept trying to find one that would grow for me.

In the greenhouse the little seedlings are greening right up. Staying sturdy, no legginess. I am one happy camper. :)


Anonymous said...

Still not warm enough here for anything you been doing.

Oh well. My time will come.

Time to nap or time to do some ATC's?

Patchkat ~ Susan in TX said...

drying your own cat food??? Tell me about this please :)

Your sweet neice...Susan