Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh So Quiet...

The one man whirlwind-of-work who is Zak left for home yesterday morning. It's suddenly so quiet around here. I love having our boys here, and our daughter-in-law too, but I am content to have the house to ourselves as well. I'm just plain happy most of the time. I enjoy my daily tasks and I enjoy a tidy house. I love being in the garden more than most anything. That's why I appreciate so much that our boys are willing to step away from their own busy lives to spend considerable time helping us with things we are no longer able to do for ourselves.

This is not to say I didn't work while they were here. We worked very hard on Sunday. He worked ten times harder than I did, but what I did was enough to flatten me. I have done little but sleep since Zak left yesterday morning.

But he accomplished miracles! Both he and Ian worked so hard this past month and a bit. We now have a covered, mesh enclosed porch which we and the cat are thrilled with. No kitty wake-up calls as the sky lightens. He just goes out his little kitty door and is in his personal playground with scratching post and a ramp to his favorite sentry post.

And is he happy? Oh yes! He thunders back and forth on the deck, getting all kinds of exercise, which is a great help, as he needs daily exercise for his diabetes and I'm not always able to take him out. And, during camping season, like right now, there's a large uncontrollable and uncontrolled dog (a husky) right across from us in the tenting area. That dog wants Salvador as a snack badly. He goes berserk every time he sees the cat on the deck. Hence the *stout* mesh.

I am enjoying the garden Zak helped set up so much. There's lots to do still, but I can do it a bit at a time. I need to buy more potting soil to mix with the topsoil Zak carried by the container full. It looks like good top soil, but it's too dense to put in containers without adding some lighter material.

As you can see we are under a canopy of blossoms, which smell wonderful. When we get a gust of wind white petals fall like snowflakes. Another couple of weeks and everything will be planted and potted. It's now time to pull out the seeds and decide what gets planted where. Thanks guys. This is going to be fun.

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Susan said...

Deb, you have very handsom sons. They are such a good help to you. You raised up some proper gents there!