Thursday, May 28, 2009

Visitors in Flashy Clothes

The newest visitors to the garden are a pair of Bullock's Orioles, seen here in a photo taken by Kevin Cole. They arrived a couple of days ago, first heard but not seen, then yesterday evening both came to have their evening bath in our birdbath.

What a flashy suit the male wears, though as is usual the hen is much more sedately dressed in pale yellow and brown.

They were fun to watch, as they are so big and so spectacularly coloured. The water level in the "bath" was low at the time they arrived, and they had quite a time finding a spot deep enough to have a decent splash. She chose best place and when he tried to shovel her out of it she threatened to peck his face off. He also thought it might be a good opportunity for a little whoopee, which also got him pecked. LOL

This morning they are in the tree outside singing up a storm, and I'm hoping they choose to build their nest here. They weave a hanging basket, which is an interesting process to watch, as well as an attraction for the kids who fill the park. It would be high enough to be out of harm's way, and I love watching parent birds care for their babies.

In the garden we continue to be the source of something's evening meal. It has eaten off the watermelons, a good chunk of my green peppers, some bok choi, and moved next door to eat Ruth's red cabbages, marigold's, impatience, basil, and even her tomato plants! We've set a live trap several nights. One night we caught a mouse which escaped before morning, last night the trap was sprung but no occupant. The mousetrap was also sprung, but we caught no quarry. (Can't say I am sorry. I hate seeing little things killed.)

Today I will plant the new watermelon starts I bought at the greenhouse yesterday. This time they will be surrounded with a metal cage, with a solid covering over them at night. Once the thing is growing melons I bet I have to protect them, or the critter will eat them. I'm trying to think of how to do that. Deer fence is obviously not enough, as everything has been surrounded and swathed in deer fence and still the gnawing continues. Oh well, sharing with the four-leggers has always been a part of gardening.

The day has begun well, and promises to be as beautiful as yesterday. How fortunate we are.

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Outhouse Capital of Canada said...


I also saw an Oriole but not close enough for a pic but got some good magpie pics for my blog.
and happy aniversary, we are 45 years of being knot tied next December