Friday, July 24, 2009

What Garden Bounty?

Although I am delighted by the jewel-like colours coming out of the garden right now if we had to live on what we were harvesting our weight loss program would be going great! As is, we are just beginning to enjoy the fruits of our labours. We've eaten a couple of meals of burgundy bush beans, which sadly turn green when cooked. We've nommed a few tiny grape tomatoes right off the vine, and had a few zucchini.

Some of the larger tomatoes are beginning to colour up, the two watermelons are still smaller than a tennis ball. The crookneck squash plants each have one male blossom. I'm afraid those guys will not be going to the genetic prom.

Well, still a good six weeks of summer left, so we will hold our breath and hope for the best.


Anonymous said...

Are those bush beans edible when eaten raw? You know like green or yellow string beans?

We have tomatoes starting to ripen.

I have posted a photo of my completed 2nd painting on my LJ.

Deb said...

Oh yeah, those are just snap beans and fine raw if you don't mind the sandpapery texture of the raw skin. They'd be good with a bacon ranch dressing as a dip. I may do that for dinner! Thanks for the idea!