Friday, October 02, 2009

Goodbye Sweet Melony Goodness

We cut the watermelon yesterday. I was afraid it would be green as grass inside, but surprisingly it was red, crisp, juicy and very sweet. Oh yum!

I took this picture, but it was a heavily overcast day and the flash came on. My camera's flash and shutter have at some time in the past argued, come to a less than amicable relationship and will not work together. So when I use the flash I always get a bit of a blur, sometimes even a second "shadow" image along side the first. Oh well. I did my best. And now? The watermelon is but a fond memory, and a bad photo.

I have to say, a harvest of one watermelon was not worth the space, money, and time it consumed. Next year that spot goes to zucchini or summer squash.


SMM said...

It may now be a memory but you can say you have successfully grown a watermelon and the bonus, it was tasty.

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

I prefer cantalope
Amazing, my first post in more than a month and you see it right away. I should have been posting more often but but but but
My arm is doing much better now and with the physio, i am getting more motion all the time but it will take awhile.