Monday, October 19, 2009

Water Water Everywhere!

Were you one of the unfortunates who had to memorize "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" in grade 10 English Literature?

I still remember bits and pieces more than 45 years later, and yesterday morning when we discovered the previously reported water under (and in) the trailer is actually from a leak in the roof the trailer the verse;

Water, water, everywhere,

And all the boards did shrink;

Water, water, everywhere,

Nor any drop to drink.

Comes to mind. In our case the boards have not shrunk, and all we need do to have a drink is hold a glass under the tap, but the rest is definitely applicable.

Bob the RV repairman looked over the situation and pointed out a dozen possible points of entry for water. So, while I was looking forward to a quiet day of pottering in the garden I spent it hauling and carting and doing a fair amount of swearing, as everything under the bed and in the adjacent cupboards has had to be unloaded, and much of it was wet, including artwork stored in the cupboard, and important paperwork in a file box.

Then I had to clean the dead vines off the back of the trailer so Bob could access the roof more easily. This was less fun than it sounds, as much of it was above my head. This accounted for me being in my chair at 1:00 am waiting for pain pills and muscle relaxants to kick in so I could lie down.

On the good news side, the Park crew came and cut the front Mock Cherry tree a couple of days ago. I always hate to see trees cut but suddenly we have light and a view! This will be lovely over this winter, less so in summer when the morning sun will hit the front windows full force. But I will be compensated by having more sun for my plants in the front.

The plants in my vertical plant stand should be happier next summer. I'm planning to plant mesclun, kale, parsley, and spinach there next spring, all plants that don't mind a bit of shade in the afternoon, as long as they get sun in the morning.

Because of the shape, I might even be able to pop a layer of clear plastic over the front and get an early start on my hardier veggies. Even thinking about gardening makes me feel more cheerful.

Today, bless them, one of the managers and the next door neighbours came over and tarped the back half of the trailer, hoping to stop the leakage, as we have a heavy rain warning and a week of predicted rains. There is no substitute for good neighbours.

At the moment the plan is for Ian to come over at the end of the month and tarp the entire top of the trailer for the winter. Once things have dried completely out in the spring he will repair the roof. It's a rum go Guv'nor, but you does what you gotta do.


Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Sorry about the leak, i hope the tarp doesnt flap in the wind.
The only poem I remember from school is Wordsworths daffodils.
What I do remember from shool is the cane... ouch!

Susan said...

I hope your leak is patched up now! Such a nuicance!
We had a leak last night. Keith and I were busy re organizing our work bench/ tool area.(Which was a process in itself) I went up to use he bathroom and it was flooded!It leaked trough to the downstairs toilet. Keith couldnt see a leak from the toilet so opened the wall that backs onto the shower to check those pipes,to no avail. We realized that the water collecting in buckets downstairs was Brown! YUCK, Turns out it was the wax seal on the toilet. So he got the toilet out and fixed that then had to put the wall back together. I had two bathroos to disinfest including the walls ! Then we had to finigh putting away all the stuff we were sorting out in the tool bench! Can you say Restfull Sunday!!!