Sunday, May 05, 2013

Climbing Mt. Clutter

Here it is is, looming up ahead. Endless. I know damn well when I crest that ridge before me, there's going to be another one lying another thousand feet further ahead, just as steep, just as rocky. I'm not enthusiastic about this climbing business.

 See the rocks? Each one is something I need and want, or no longer need, or something I want but do not need, or something I do not want but still need. And each one must be pried from its place, picked up, turned over, and examined. From the boulders to the tiny mossy pebbles each must be placed in one of three categories; keep, give away, throw away.

I keep wittering on about living a "simple" life, a spare life, but it is amazing what collects when you sit two years in a single spot and you don't feel like keeping up with the stuff that streams into your life, or you are not motivated to do so. Or you are brave enough. Mountains of paperwork you stick in a drawer, envelopes with addresses you mean to write down - some day.

Clothes you buy and will never wear, that do not fit, or that itch, or pull, or in a colour that made everyone ask, "Are you ill today?" But we have ordered a large dumpster bin for the condo, which arrives on Thursday, and are having a swap meet next Saturday, which has motivated me to attack Mt. Clutter and reduce it to a sweet green hill.

I had hoped to trim down enough to get rid of a very large and hideously ugly storage unit in our bedroom, but I'm not sure I can get find places for everything that is in it elsewhere. If not, is there justification of any kind for ditching it and buying a less disgusting piece of furniture? We dragged it from the curb to begin with and even though I am an eco-tourist I'm getting too old to put up with such ugliness first thing in the morning.

Anyway, that is the end of my break. I have to strap on my gear and get back to picking through rocks and pebbles. And from now on (I've said this before I believe) one item in, one item out and take care of the paper stream as it comes through the mailbox!

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