Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The View From a Ledge

Things are looking up, but that's not what you're supposed to say when you are standing on a ledge. I can't say things are looking down, but when I survey Mount Clutter from this particular ledge the view is beginning to look less like the Alps and more like the less imposing but still rugged crags of Wales.

I am more than thrilled to report that except for one lone box which shall shortly be moved to a closet shelf which has been cleared the ugly mugster of a storage unit in our bedroom is empty of all save dust. It is headed for the bin!

Hooray me even though I am a bit cross-eyed with the effort and I think I have subluxated a rib or two (something which happens frequently), and my back and neck are out of place. But the satisfaction of achievement is overriding the pain, for the moment. It won't when I lie down and try to sleep tonight, but right now - fist pumps are in order!

The front hall closet is no longer a black abyss of vacuum cleaner hoses and old broom handles, seven more coats than any two people could ever need, and a dozen boxes saved in case we had to return a product. I will head for our closets next. My husband will wear a shirt that shows six inches of belly and fits like a second skin (not necessarily an attractive look at our time of life) so I'm purging those and the ones with permanent gravy stains. On my side I have several shirts which will go.

I made the heart-wrenching decision to give away my gorgeous Pashmina shawl, as all I ever do is stroke it and drool on it. Wearing it makes me feel a fraud. Elegance is just not part of my look. God knows I'd love to be elegant-looking, but I am far better suited to a pair of pull-on jeans and a T-shirt than a Pashmina shawl and hoop earrings. [edit: In the end I chickened out and pulled the shawl out of the give away bag and hung it back in the closet. A girl needs aspirations after all!] 

I've still got drawers to go through and those under the bed plastic storage bins. I have one full of fabric when I know I will probably never sew another stitch in my life. I'll keep a bit of that stuff, in case I get the urge to quilt again, but most of it is going.

For today I'm done. The litany, "keep it, give away, throw it away" is flying around and around in my head like a hornet you can't get rid of. But I've encamped on this ledge and will hunker down with my heating pad and perhaps even doze a bit. Tomorrow's another day, and there's still more mountain to cover.   


Anonymous said...

perhaps a pashmina t-shirt in your future.

Linda P. said...

Congratulations! I need to tackle the closets, too.