Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Dionysian hangs the picture wherever it suits

I have absolutely loved the work and philosophy of Dan Phillips since reading of him years ago. A trained architect from Huntsville, Texas, Phillips helps people build their own affordable dream homes with recycled materials that most people would consider useless. The houses he builds are spectacular and creative, all one of a kind and entirely unique. And by affordable he's talking $40,000-50,000. The average Calgary family home is selling for $460,000 right now! "Starter" homes are a quarter of a million dollars or more.

Each of the homes he's built has allowed low-income, first-time buyers to enter the world of home ownership. And they learn new skills as they go. One of his best carpenters was a bottle-picker he saw go by every day and asked if he'd like a steady job.


Susan ~ patchkat said...

I think he's fantastic. his work has been featured in several publications over the last few years. wouldn't it be cool to have his tiled showers, or the crosscut log countertops!

naomi dagen bloom said...

What a delightful guy with important ideas and an engaging delivery. Gave me many thoughts on how to use with people in my retirement community as a way to talk about climate change.