Sunday, September 08, 2013

Go for the Gold!

My regular Sunday web chat with the younger of our two sons consisted primarily of comparing how exhausted we each are. He is in the middle of a busy conference schedule, and worked from 6:30 am Thursday until noon Friday without a break for a proper meal or any sleep, and well, I have written at length of the Herculean labours of trolleying two cats to the vets and back this week, from which I am still in the process of recovering.

I think it was when when I said if sleeping were an Olympic sport I could sleep for Canada that the idea was born. Why not an Olympics for people like us, the dead-on-your-feet business man, the totally exhausted new mother, the beer-bellied and the old lady tottering along on her cane? In other words, Why not an:

Indolence Olympics

Sports might include;

In the Sleep Category:

Power Napping, Long Duration Delta Wave, Synchronized Snoring, Yawn Tennis, Sleep Cycling, Snooze, and Curling Up.

In the Couch Potato Category:

Channel Surfing, Most Miles Put on the Rocking Chair (timed event), Biggest Bladder Marathon, and Someone Poke Him and See if He's Still Alive.

There will also be a Procrastination Event, though anyone who shows up for it before all the medals have been awarded and the arena has been swept will be automatically disqualified.

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