Saturday, November 11, 2006

Our Night Nurse and New Friends

SMM asked, "Of what use are furheads?" (By "furheads" she of course refers to the beasts who run our respective households.)

Our furhead is a beautiful decorative accent, as seen by this picture of him bulging from his beloved bootbox. He is also a night nurse. I have to take a pill somewhere around 5:00 - 6:00 am. He's learned that, and nows wakes me at 5:30 every morning. He expects a cat cookie in return for this wake-up service. He was quite unhappy to find it wet and cold again today and he was not the only one. I don't mind grey, even cold, but this rain has gotta quit. We have a leaky vent in the roof, and the water spot just keeps spreading and spreading. (Eeeeek!)

But, on to more fun stuff. One of the reasons we chose Bel Air was because there's a winter community of "snowbirds" here, retirees who have taken to the road, temporarily or permanently, and who spend at least a few of their winter months here.

There's a pleasant clubhouse where activities, both organized and unorganized, take place. The men have coffee two mornings a week, as do the women. There are potlucks, pancake breakfasts, games night, darts night, and happy hour when everyone who is so inclined gathers for a chin wag and lots of laughing.

No need to sit in your own little tin can and stew. There's a full calendar for November, and lots of new friends to share with. Tonight was the official welcome dinner, provided by Cathy and James, who run the place. The food was excellent and plentiful. James and Cathy brought their two little ones, Matthew and Emma, to join us, and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Matthew (twoand half) has the right idea and will only eat cake, Emma (10 months) eats almost anything as long as she can feed herself. Beautiful children. It's lovely to watch a young family together, it brings back such sweet memories of when our own children were small.

Looks like this winter is going to be even more fun than we anticipated!


SMM said...

You have moved into a 'hood. Cool-eh! Hope the rain stops soon and the drip dries up.

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful. Thanks for a glimpse into life at the Bel Air. Makes me feel like I am there.

(Cathy's sister)