Friday, November 10, 2006

The Way to Do is to Be

There is no need to run outside
For a better view.
You need not peer out the window.
Stay in the centre of your being,
For the farther you get from it
The less you understand.
Calm yourself and
Live each moment as it unfolds.
The way to do is to be.
The Way of Life - Lao Tzu

Besides, the windows are so fogged up, so it's hard to see anything but an interior view. It is raining, and raining, and raining. I like the sound of rain on the roof, which is good, because that's what we have been hearing the past few days.

Tony asked, "I don't hear the rain on the roof. Has it quit raining?"

No, it's just blowing so hard that the rain is hitting the sides of the trailer, rather than the roof. It's a balmy 2.8 degrees C (37 degrees F). If it drops too much more the rain will turn to snow. Hey! I came over here to get out of this kind of weather!! Is anybody listening?

The propane guy came this morning, delivering a big fat propane tank (referred to as a "pig"). We could have saved money by carting our 30 pound propane tanks to the station and having them refilled every week or so, but neither of us is good at wrestling heavy weights on and off the back of our truck. Best pay for a big tank, and the propane guy will come by and refill the tank when needed.

I will remain calm and live each moment as it unfolds, and in a few minutes go outside and re-light the water heater. I'll also have to re-light the furnace, which is a witch to light. Takes the strength of ten and a power of patience. You have to lie on the floor, reach into the furnace housing and depress this red button for six minutes. It's in a very awkward location so you can only come at it from the side. I have to get the hammer, jam it behind the button and pull on the hammer until the pilot lights, then hold it down for another minute and a half before turning the thermostat on again.

Hopefully this will be the last time this winter I have to do this, cause it's not high on the list of things I do to amuse myself. I guess this is being, but it feels a lot like doing.


SMM said...

At least you are not doing what you done, done, done before.

Problem is when we just be...the dishes don't get done.

Furheads, what good are they?

Deb said...

I never thought about that but when you just "be" no one does the cooking either.

Tony took some ham from the fridge and set it on the counter and said, "I think I'll have a sandwich."

Several minutes later the ham was still there and I asked, "Did you change your mind about the sandwich?"

"No," he said, "I would love a sandwich."

I had to quit "be-ing" and make a ham sandwich. So much for the interior life. Although if you stay in the moment while you make your sandwich it can be very Zen, or so I've been told. Tony prefers mustard to Zen on his sandwiches, so I try not to stay in the sandwich moment.