Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sweet (Spit) Sunshine!

Finally a day of sun, after a week of rain and overcast days. What can you say except "Happy Happy"!!! We were even happier when Gary the RV guy showed up to address our leaky ceiling.

I took a couple of pics while I had the cat out for a walk. You can see the snow on the mountains above us, while we are still simply soggy below. The orchard, which was apple-laden and gorgeous a month ago, is bare and looks like a pile of tortured sticks. The hill behind is the brown-paper-bag velvet colour common here.

Once we were back from our walk I decided to change the litter in the cat's box, a chore we do outside. I hauled the box out and emptied it into a garbage bag. The litter we buy comes in gallon-sized plastic bottles with large screw-on lids. Part of the lid flips up to form a handle. We keep a couple of these containers under the edge of our picnic table.

I grabbed the one nearest me, flipped the lid up and... flipped yellow musky urine all over my face, hands, shirt, even into my mouth. OH YUCK! Spit spit spit!!! Not quite musky enough to be a tom cat, I figure it had to be coyote pee. They use the corridor between the back end of the trailer and the fence as their route through the park on a regular basis. One must have stopped to leave his calling card last night.

Needless to say I rushed in and scrubbed within an inch of my life, brushed my teeth and gargled, washed myself with Listerine, did everything short of setting myself on fire. I think I'm still a bit musky. I'm headed for the showers with the laundry detergent. Mmmm the fresh smell of Sunshine detergent. Maybe I'll rinse in fabric softener and lose all my wrinkles.



SMM said...

U-rine. Not pleasant.

We survived the storm they are calling :
The Weather Bomb.

Stop by the LJ and you can see our lovely d(RIVER)way.

OutHouse Capital of Canada said...

Hi, I seem to recognise that view, I am down at the coast helping with renovations at the kids.
I have just added your blog to my link, dont know why I didnt do it earlier.
Back home in a few days

Deb said...

Hi Dave,

Thanks for letting me "borrow" the view across your back garden. :) I wanted to get a shot from the fence over near the workshop, but the cat was adamant about going the other way!
Your kitty and mine socialized a bit through the dog-run fence. They exchanged a hiss or two and some half-hearted grumping, that equals a good conversation among us two-leggers!