Friday, April 13, 2007

Bird Brain Two

This time it is I who is the birdish-brained one. I was making dinner last evening when suddenly in the apple tree sat a beautiful sharp-shinned hawk! Quick, get the camera. I got off two shots before the hawk flew the coop. In the first it ducked its head behind a branch, in the second, the poor thing lost its head. I am reduced to using some one else's photo of the sharpie.

But other new sightings at the feeder, or nearby, in the last few days include:

A red-winged blackbird - love their song!

Several Cassin's Finches - hard to tell from the purples, but a little less red and a little different tail. This link has good drawings of Purples and house finches as well as Cassin's.

A Say's Phoebe who has staked out a nearby cedar tree as home territory and tells the world every morning.

A hummer - against the setting sun so I couldn't tell what kind but we have only the Rufous and Calliope, so I'm betting one of those. I will buy a feeder when we go to town next time.

And a little house finch who is vivid tangarine where the purple finch is red. Boy, he is bright. At one point there were hoary redpolls, purple finches, yellow warblers and the tangerine house finch, all on the tree or feeder at once. Looked like Christmas lights.

Wish I was a better foh-taw-graw-fer. I have never gotten a picture of the wee birds, but they are just too far away, even though they are only eight feet from the window.


SMM said...

For us it has been the recent arrive of the red headed sapsucker and Northern flicker.

Today, however, the drenched chickadee with the wet head look was the treat.

OutHouse Capital of Canada said...

Great picture of me in yesterdays post.
The hawks sure make the other birds go away for a while and they always appear when the camera is out of reach

Susan said...

I saw that hawk and thought WOW, she is GOOD!
Then came the big let down, Well someone else got lucky.
You are so blessed to have so many birds to watch. We have an outside cat, so no birdfeeder for us.

fredtal said...

The only way I've gotten any kind of pic of a hawk (or most birds anyways) is to slowly sneak up on them. Oh and don't be wearing a bright shirt.