Friday, April 06, 2007

Thievery, Plain and Simple

I admit to having stolen the photo featured in this post. It was taken by Lin Martinson and is featured on a new website about Oliver. Oliver is down there somewhere, in the middle of all those rocks. I think it's the white area. But the photo is spectacular and reminds me of Monument Valley, where I spent several of my childhood years. The landscape here isn't really like Monument Valley, it's much more like the high desert country of northern New Mexico and Arizona, where I also spent a good deal of time as a child.

It was 24.4 degrees C today (75.9 degrees F). Our first really warm day of the season. It would have been blissfully perfect had it not been for Mr. Organics next door, who spent a second day spreading fish meal joy throughout the neighborhood. At least the wind was not carrying it right into our faces most of the day, though by dinner time I had a stinker of a headache from the stench. Hopefully he will have finished with his soil enrichment program, or the tractor will blow a gasket before I do.


SMM said...

Sounds like things are humming along. What does the farmer grow on that field? Anything you want?

I would at least hope the stench means something edible down the line for you and yours to enjoy.

Gary said...

That photo may not look just like Monument Valley, but it does look just like something out of a John Wayne movie. Beautiful.

Jack said...

thanks for stealing Lin's pix\

I recently stole one of yours

which is featured on

Lin said...

I'm flattered you thought my photo was good enough to "steal".

Very happy to see Peace Pilgrim's link.