Monday, January 04, 2010

My Happy Birthday Present!

To my delight, Ian sent me a KIVA gift certificate for my birthday!

I went through and found another group of women who had requested a loan. I like loaning to groups of women, as I know they support and help each other and that appeals to me.

I chose to loan my gift certificate to the "St. Mary's Group" of Mankessim Ghana. The group consists of three women, two named Comfort and one named Janet. (Comfort must be a popular girl's name in Africa). The group's leader is 49-y-o Comfort. (shown seated in the photo). She is married and the mother of two children, both of whom are in school. She and her family live in a rented apartment.

Comfort prepares and sells pastries to other retailers. The other two members of the St. Mary's group are merchants. All three women will invest the money loaned in their businesses, and have agreed to repay the money over the next nine months.

So far every one of the six loans we've made is being repaid on schedule.

Thank you Ian! You know how to make your Mama happy!

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Cristin H. said...

Happy Birthday!!! :)