Saturday, January 09, 2010

Town Day

Today, after a long season of wittering about the condition of the roads, dealing with a never-ending migraine and various other bits and pieces, I will go to town!

The list is long, but includes visiting the garden centre and buying exciting gardening things, seeds and such, so I dance my little interior jig in anticipation.

I wanted to go to town yesterday but yesterday there must have been some kind of cosmic burr under the saddle of my day. I'd taken so much medication in the past week I think my poor body was in rebellion. I slumped around and did the necessary stuff but (honestly) never changed from my pjs all day. Of course my "pjs" are just an old soft pair of sweat pants and a sweatshirt, so they don't "read" as pajamas, but they don't exactly read as anything but slob if you are seen in broad daylight in them.

Just as it was getting dark a strange car parked outside and I began praying that it was someone to see the neighbours. Not my luck, not only was it a visitor but they'd brought someone we'd never met before to introduce us. (oh the shame)

They had no sooner gotten in the door when our close and dear friends Pat and Claude arrived, on their way home from holidays spent in Alberta.

So suddenly we had four guests and since I had started dinner and had the banquette piled with stuff we couldn't even seat all of them at once.

They didn't stay long (wonder why?). But an hour or so later I went into the bedroom to put a book in the bookcase and the cat wasn't sprawled across the bed in his normal place. He's usually asleep at that time. Like this...

We quickly looked the place over and then looked outside and saw the deck door standing open. I just felt sick. It is very cold and he's a big cream puff and not accustomed to being outside for more than five minutes at a time.

I got on my boots, coat, hat, gloves and got the flashlight and walked the entire neighbourhood looking for him and calling him. Nothing. We live below a busy highway and I was scared stiff he'd gone up there and gotten hit by a car or truck.

After my tour of the neighbourhood I came back by here to make sure he hadn't come home and out of the corner of my eye saw a flash of orange fur in the next door neighbour's yard.

Now, *their* cat had run out to me when I first went out and started calling, and he had walked the neighbourhood with me, but Salvador hadn't said boo. I went into their yard and got him, ready to strangle him, but happy to find him alive and unharmed. I brought him home and he had to go in and out to check to see if the door was open a dozen times in the next hour.

Today is (so far better). I feel fine, I am dressed. (I will not schlep around in my pjs all day ever again!) Cat is here and has been in and out about 20 times today, gotta see if that door is open.

So, I will load the dishwasher and get myself on the road before anything amiss overtakes me! Seeds! Oh boy!

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Anonymous said...

The fat cat is so like our PB in that "not answering" when called...and outside,when she makes the great escape, she stays 2 steps ahead of you when you're after her. We've been lucky that we've gotten her into the house. Live in fear of the day she decides to make a serious run for it. Glad you found Salvador.

Ohhhh a shopping trip! It's too early for me to think seriously about gardening, but I"m excited to see what you get growing :) Keep us updated!

Hugs from your neice in TX