Friday, November 11, 2011

The Red Hibiscus

Red hibiscus blooms
In winter window glowing
Scarlet borealis

Haiku My Heart Friday

recuerda mi corazon


foxysue said...

The colour scarlet really warms our hearts in winter months, I have lots of red accents in my lounge!

Thanks for this,

Sue x

rebecca said...

dear deb,

welcome to haiku my heart! so glad you have found us. your scarlet borealis a gift of seeing with soul.

now that you have haiku'd my heart i am off to explore your very compelling blog.


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

sunrise in my heart
a red hibiscus glowing—
who planted it there?

Frosty Shadows Haiku

tami said...

lovely haiku and hibiscus!! Gorgeous!

Nanka said...

A lovely flower with much symbolism and culture attached to it!! Mainly used here in worship, besides being edible and medicinal, in the Indian traditional system of medicine, "Ayurveda"!!