Monday, March 26, 2012

The Day of Reckoning

Or at least of finding out whether any of the other 250 or so residents of this building are avid (or even aspiring) gardeners. I put up posters on the doors and in the elevators several days ago announcing that we were setting up a community garden for residents and inviting anyone who is interested in participating to attend a meeting at 7:30 tonight.

So tonight we find out. Is there enough interest to start a community garden or not?

If not I will happily confine my gardening efforts to the landscaping which surrounds the entrances to the building. The main approach to the building has a 100' long x 20' wide stretch of sidewalk. It is flanked on both sides by potentillas, saskatoons, a single lilac, a single rose, three wolf willows, and a mugo pine. All were planted when the building was new and have not been touched since, except as noted before, one of the wolf willows has been run over and flattened by a vehicle. You can see by this photo, taken last June, that the saskatoons were trying to take over the walkway, even at the beginning of the season.

I've now managed to prune four of the large and five or six of the smaller shrubs. There's a lot of room in these beds for more plants, and several dead conifers need to be dug out and replaced by more suitable plants. I think some early spring colour would do this place a world of good.

Anyway, we will see what happens. Either way I'm good.

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