Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Lessons

Today marks the first anniversary of the day we took possession of our wee condo and began unpacking our goods and chattels. We look at each other and agree we can hardly believe it's so. Three months maybe?

The place is cozy and comfortable. We wouldn't want it any bigger, except for the occasional time when it would have been nice to have had room for overnight guests. I keep thinking I'd like to paint at least one or two walls a colour other than paper bag brown, but the pale aqua paint I had mixed up is still in the container under the sink.

We miss our friends in Summerland. After a year here we haven't really made friends. It's hard to do when you have unpredictable health. In Summerland friends were close by, next door, a few steps away. Here, not so much. So we must enjoy our own company.

Sadly, our big bouncy red boy has gone on to whatever hereafter cats congregate in. I hope he's happy there. We surely miss him, even though we have adopted a new kitty who is beautiful and sweet tempered.

Life is rather like a kaleidoscope. A small turn can produce dramatic changes, a picture that was full of light can go dark, but the next rotation may bring brilliant colours up again. It's a lesson you learn over and over again. And when you think you have learned the lesson, life falls into a different pattern, a new shape emerges and there are more lessons to be learned and relearned.

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SMM said...

gracious me, a year already.
before long it will be 5 years.
life flies by but it likes when we take notice of its increments.