Saturday, December 02, 2006

Book Tag

For a bibliophile and book publisher this game is close to heaven! I got the idea from Susan and send my thanks!

Book Tag:
The rules are: Grab the book closest to you - Open to page 123 - Scroll down to the 5th sentence - Post the text of next three sentences on your blog - Name of the book and the author - Tag three people.

The closest book is: Birds of North America. Well, that doesn't even have paragraphs. Next; one from my own press, You, Me and Myasthenia Gravis; Third Edition. Dear, dear, page 123 has a table listing medications. Okay, third book wins:

"In the morning after breakfast he started back to the village, and when he passed the site where he had left the float camp he sounded the whistle and the Scottish granny and the children rushed out of the house to wave and call to him. After that he saw no one: he passed no boat." I Heard The Owl Call My Name by Margaret Craven

BTW, this is one of my favorite books and is literally falling into pieces from being read, read and reread. Like a four-year-old I love a familiar story and read my favorite books time and time again.

I tag: SMM; and Mandy;. Okay I know it says three but my blogging circle is small....


Susan said...

Glad you enjoyed the tag. It was fun to do. Your selection sounds good, ill have to check the library for that one.
Enjoyed the birdfeeder imagery, could almost hear the twittering. Well written.

Deb said...

Hi Susan,

If you've not read "I Heard the Owl Call My Name" you need to! :) Set in one of the Kwakutl villages on the north coast of BC, it evokes the rain forest and the sea in all their seasons. Lovely book.