Friday, December 08, 2006

Quietly Filled

We are cups,
constantly and quietly being filled.
The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over
and let the beautiful stuff out. 
- Ray Bradbury

The temperature is 1.1 C!! It is not-freezing for the first time in at least a couple of weeks. All the old-timers are saying that it's never been this cold this early, or for this long. But, aside from a frozen septic line we survived quite comfortably, despite -20 temps and bitterly cold winds of up to 50 kmh. We have been warm and comfortable inside.

With two and a half weeks left to Christmas we are preparing to welcome our kids and friends, and we're looking forward to enjoying the food and festivities of the season. The tree is up (all 18" of it). It's loaded with one string of lights, and hung with tiny toys and ornaments the boys made when they were small.

The cat is fascinated with the tree lights. He can't believe his eyes when they go off, and he's amazed when they come back on. As far as he's concerned it's magic.

This time of year usually makes me pensive and a bit sad, but this year I haven't struggled with that. It may be because we have so many windows that there's not much chance of light deprivation. It may be because we have many more social contacts here, or that we have the satisfaction of being independent for the first time in years. A deepening meditative experience is also helping me keep my emotions on an even keel.

But then, who could be sad? The mountains are covered with snow, the air is full of the sound of wings and bird conversations, from the Fee-Bee of the chickadees to the honking of the neighbourhood Canada geese. They fly back and forth twice a day, honking like New York cabbies. The quail cluck and do a little "half-crow", much like chickens. They scratch industriously in the snow for seeds and fuss over blades of grass. A crow flew overhead yesterday and panicked the quail. They must have thought the crow was the hawk who hangs around, picking off a bird or two every day. In their blind panic the quail flew into the windows, into the side of the trailer, into the front of truck. The hawk need not hunt, all he need do is wait for one of those foolish quail to knock itself out.

It's been a time of being filled...


SMM said...

We are back from the old country. Hooray!

Glad you are well.

Mandy said...

I'm glad you're enjoying December. Because I am so intuitive and sensitive, I had no idea that you usually got so blue at this time of year.

I do have to say, knowing you and Tony are doing so well and having such a good time certainly adds to the joy and satisfaction I feel about our lives. I'm looking forward to coming and seeing what your new life looks like. :)

Deb said...

Contrary to public perception, I am not one who easily shows her true emotions. As a kid I was always told to either "shut up" or "grow up" pretty much every time I opened my mouth. I learned to keep my feelings close to my chest and hide in my own skin. I now realize that this has its price, but that doesn't make it any easier to let down my guard. I will probably always assume everyone in the room would rather I was not there. Not necessarily rational, but it's the kind of perception that makes you avoid office parties to hang around with your cat.