Friday, December 01, 2006

Surmounting Cabin Fever

Our new bird feeder is providing excitement and entertainment for the cat, oh and me too of course. As I said before the first birds arrived two minutes after I hung the feeder in the apple tree eight feet or so from the front door. In two days the birds sighted at the feeder include a red-shafted flicker, dozens of slate juncos and hoary redpolls, several chickadees, a downy woodpecker, too many quail to count, and heard again last night but not seen, a great horned owl.

Salvador reached the limit of his endurance for being housebound today despite the snow and -8 degree weather. He'd been bouncing off the walls all day. Cabin fever took over and about 3:00, he leapt out the door and took himself for a short walk while I talked to a new set of neighbours who arrived night before last.

He walked around the trailer, investigated the storage shed's "news" corner and checked for monsters under the picnic table. Only then did he break and run for the safety of carpeted floors and an MEC sleeping bag.

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SMM said...

Glad to see a post. Was wondering if you froze up at the keyboard the other day?

Still plenty of white stuff here. We got out on Tuesday and Wednesday during the day but Thursday we were snowed in again. Sweetie dug us out today. His shoulder is now crying. I will have to adminster pain cream tonight.

I understand the cat's cabin fever.

We did get to town today for lunch and some banking details but I was not feeling that great. I am fine now so perhaps all it was needed to cure my dis-ease was an afternoon nap.