Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Egg and the Universe

When we left our heroine on Monday she was moaning about the slow and inept service provided by She had ordered books on December 4th, paid priority shipping, and then was stunned to learn (violin music please) that said Amazon had not even mailed the books until the 17th of December.

Fear ran rampant that said books would not reach End-of-the-Roadville BC until after Christmas, and so she complained mightily and with unusual vigor in her blog, knowing full well that complaining publicly always backfires.

Today the backfire. The notice arrived yesterday afternoon, allowing me an entire day's grace to pick the books up, and even time to wrap them, if I work fast.

The universe hurls egg at me, as usual.

But my cunning plan worked. Books are in hand.

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SMM said...

I am thinking it is time for eggs benedict are in order.