Friday, March 16, 2007

Curry Up!

Well, finally!

I've been trying to post a picture of the curry we had for dinner on Wednesday since Wednesday! Blogger has evidently been having indigestion. Every time I fed it my curry picture it burped and said, "No, thank you."

Anyway, this was delish. I changed the recipe slightly from the one posted a few days ago. I substituted firm "silken" tofu for the chicken and added whole almonds for protein, calcium, crunch and a bit of contrast in colour. (Four c's in a row. I ought to do better.)

A la David Suzuki's Nature Challenge we are trying to reduce the animal protein in our diet and eat vegie dishes more often. We were vegetarians for years, don't know why we fell off that wagon, except that we were living in a remote community where it was very difficult to get fresh food. We got out of the habit and here we are many pounds later with our arteries probably clogged with beef fat and egg yolks.

It's a grey, cool day but I got a kick out of watching a male sparrow near the brush pile. He had grabbed a fine root which was protruding from the ground about five or six inches. The sparrow was holding the end of the root in his little black beak and running around the attachment point in an orbit, like a dog tied to a pole runs a circle at the end of its leash. He had several female observers so maybe it was a male ego thing. Maybe the root looked like prime nesting material, or maybe he was just playful. But it sure looked silly.

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