Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

Dare I say it? The sun is shining!! Okay, forgive me for being a bit excitable over such a simple thing, but this old girl grew up in the sunny southwest, where clouds were a novelty.

Much to rejoice about at the moment. I am not in pain, well, not much pain. I seem to always have some nagging muscles, cranky bones, etc. but the migraine that pounded away at my head for the last week was gone when I got up yesterday morning, and I got to do something really fun.

A very nice woman came in with a cartload of supplies to show "us girls" how to make our own greeting cards. Since I am a sort of unfocused but enthusiastic crafter I had been looking forward to this day since we planned it.

And it was fun. She had a huge stock of all kinds of papers, new and recycled, scissors that cut fancy edges and corners, all kinds of lettering, from foam ones that stuck on to stamps with different messages. Glitter pens, coloured chalks, ribbons, flowers, buttons, photos, shapes and fabric trims. She had a stack of stuff and we had a ball making our cards.

My neighbour Helen made cards for her little granddaughters who have the unusual names of Fenya and Glorianna and can never find the "My Name" doo-dads and sparkly things little girls love. Helen was so much fun to watch as she made her cards. I enjoyed her delight as much as my own. She made some really pretty cards too.

We started at 10:00 and went until 2:00 so we had a pot-luck lunch. I'll tell you, these gals do know how to cook! My next-door neighbour Ruth brought a scrumptious apple crumble. It would have been ill-mannered to run off with it, hide under a table and eat the whole thing by myself, so I restrained myself, but only with difficulty.

Well, the sun is inviting me outside, so I will wake the sleeping cat and take him for a walk.

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