Saturday, March 24, 2007

Let's See Some Action With That Broom!

Housecleaning Time! And I don't mean the Tinpalace. The TP has gotten a good interior clean in the last couple of days, as I washed down the cabinetry and appliances, washed down the bathroom, and vacuumed or cleaned all the horizontal surfaces.

What needed an application of aggressive housekeeping was the Baby Mac. It's been sweating and groaning for some time now, but when the fan kicked on today after I'd just been sending mail I knew something was amiss.

I rolled it around in my wee brain while we shopped and ran errands. I had this vague sense that I knew what was likely to be wrong, but just couldn't quite recall it. It finally came to me tonight, ten minutes after I turned out the light and slid into my sleeping bag.

It's not unusual for me to get from 50 - 75 e-mails a day, legitimate e-mails, not counting the ones which promise me a larger you-know-what, super miracle drugs, millions of Kenyan dollars and lottery winnings. And I rarely delete a legitimate e-mail because I frequently find myself needing to refer back to one... now when was that order shipped, what did he say about his blood pressure, who was my third great-grandfather's elder brother's youngest son's wife and who sent me that name, etc. etc.

The upshot was that I had over 5000 e-mails, many with attachments, in my in box. Shame shame. And I can't remember when I last cleared my cache, and the cookie file is a couple of months old. I also still have old e-mail accounts I haven't used since we left Calgary. They sit and spin endlessly trying to pick up mail that isn't there. I'm a baaaaaadddd girl. I even need to go through and clear out the bookmarks I no longer use. In for a penny, in for a pound.

Baby Mac needed a digital broom! I backed up the mail to a CD, deleted the old accounts, cleared the cache and cookies and trimmed the bookmarks and we'll see if the poor Bebe' is less stressed.

Now the cat is complaining loudly that I'm keeping him from being able to see out the window. The view is better when it's dark inside. Best close this down and make him happy.

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