Saturday, March 31, 2007

Every Blossom Has its Bee

With the temperatures in the high 60s (F) 18-19 C the last two days, and a spattering of rain overnight, the gnarled old apricot tree behind the Tinpalace is exploding into bloom. The fat rose-tinged buds have been ever so slowing swelling. Just before dark last night we looked and counted maybe a half dozen open blossoms. This morning at least a quarter of the buds have opened.

The bees have taken notice. There are as many bees as blooms. They hover in a whirring buzzing cloud, happily dipping into the embrace of the blossoms. They took no notice whatsoever of me as I maneuvered among the branches looking for a good angle for my photographs.

It's migration time. Here that means exodus as snowbirds head home. Our neighbours Bill and Ruth were Ontario-bound this morning shortly after six. Ron and Yvonne weren't on the way until after lunch, but have been hugged and waved off. Des and Carol, Mary Jean and Marcel will be on the way in the next 24 hours. Others will be leaving over the next couple of weeks. We seem to be the only ones who plan to stay in Oliver over the summer.

But we will be moving too, more on that later. For now I've started packing our winter clothes. Over the next week we'll get the skirting off the trailer, and pack up all the winter-related gear.

Right now I am just enjoying watching the blossoms unfold. I feel sorry that our friends have left before the spring show. Evidently most years the trees have bloomed by now, but spring is late this year.

Salvador is restless, begging to go out, so I will post this and go be a good cat's Mama.


Mandy said...

Those photos are breathtaking. :)

Susan said...

The blossoms are late this year. These pictures are fantastic! When are you moving. I hope I get a chance to meet you before you leave.