Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Caught in the Act!

First, some pictures for the far-away, since I can't send attachments with the ding-dong web interface I have to use for mail right now. First: Red Chief the rascal. I finally caught a picture of him trying to break into the dish cupboard. He is absolutely relentless. Now I have to keep the tie-down on all day.

Then a few pictures of the inside of the tin palace, as lived in. But the simplification continues. In the last few days we've packed away about half of the books, pictures and doo-dads we brought out to begin with. We just found that there was too much visual stimulation in this small space. Less is better.

Reorganizing the contents of the cupboards seems to be an ongoing process. The cupboards are 24" deep, so this thing gets put in front of that thing, until you need that thing, when you have to move this thing to get at that thing, and so and so on and dooby dooby do do.... At least when you misplace something there are not too many places to look for it.

But triumph! After almost two weeks of trying to connect with the cable company we finally managed to get arrangements made to have cable internet installed late in the week!! We're looking forward to having real internet service again.

Red Chief and I saw 50 or more quail on our walk last night. They were all in a huge flock, on the ground, in the dog run. Must have been a quail convention. Four or five families, Mom, Dad (out front, everybody runs after him in a line) and eight to 12 kids. They much prefer to walk, and wait until the last possible minute to take to the air.

We saw one family go back through the chain link fence behind us a few days ago. (See picture of Himself above for a view of the fence under discussion). It divides the RV park from the property of the former owners. Their garden is spectacular, with wonderful flowers, trees and huge bunches of pampas grass. Anyway the Papa quail decided to move from our side of the fence to the other side. He slipped through one of the holes and his family followed, except for one little guy who was not paying attention and got left behind. When junior saw everyone else on the other side of the fence he panicked, running up and down the fence line squawking and bobbing, unable to find the perfect hole in the fence to slip through. Then all of a sudden he stopped running and simply flew to the top of the fence and over. It just shows how much more attuned to living on the ground they are. They really remind me of small chickens.

And that's it for the day!

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