Friday, September 08, 2006

A Garden Hose?

The RV repairman came yesterday afternoon. He pulled back the metal covering from the underbelly of the trailer, hauled out the soaked insulation (bah humbug!) and soon discovered the source of our leak.

At some point in the past few years the copper pipe which carries water to the kitchen sink must have developed a leak. So the previous owner, in a fit of "use what's at hand", replaced it with a section of garden hose.

Now, you must understand. The water system in this trailer pressurizes itself, and the pipes have to be able to withstand a healthy dose of water pressure. So this garden hose must have struggled manfully to do the job for a season or two but finally gave it and exploded. Wunnerful.

The RV guy will return today to replace the hose with copper pipe, replace the ruined insulation and reattach the metal underbelly to the trailer. I hate to think of the bill, but at least it wasn't a holding tank or the water tank. Replacing either of those would have been a catastrophic expense. Especially the water tank, which is stainless steel.

On the plus side, I love our tiny 30" x 40" bathroom. You almost have to back in if you plan to sit on the avocado green "throne", and the sink is teeny. What I love about it is that the entire bathroom floor is molded into one piece and forms a shower pan. So when I go to clean I scrub then simply pour water over, around, and behind, the toilet. I can wash the entire thing down and everything goes out the drain. I've joked for years about wanting a house I could simply hose down inside, well, at least I can do that to the bathroom here!

And, just to make you green. I'm writing this sitting outside on the lawn, under an apple tree which is loaded with apples. The temperature is perfect, the breeze is heavenly, the birds are singing and a few come to have a shower in the sprinkler from time to time. Ahhhh..... this is the life.

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